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AbdulBasit - Tajweed
Khaleel Husary
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Saad Al-Ghamidi
Ali Al-Huthaify
Ahmad Al-Ajmi
Mishary Al-Efasi
Abdullah Basfar
Hani ar-Rifai
Soud AsShuraim
Abdullah Al Juhani
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Muhammad Ayyoob
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Sheikh AsSudais-Ashuraim
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Sheikh AsSudais-Ashuraim
CD-Ready.  Complete MP3 Quran divided into CD folders. Simply download the files and burn it on CD. Each CD folder has a playlist file and a track info pdf file for the CD jewel-case.
18CD  |  20hours  |  64KB Stereo  |  Id3 Tagged
CD01 - CD06.ZIP 182.0MB
CD07 - CD12.ZIP 196.0MB
CD13 - CD18.ZIP 173.0MB
Quran By Juz. Now you can download the complete MP3 Quran divided into 30 juz or parah. Each juz folder has a playlist. Download and click on the playlist to listen to the Quran by Juz.
20hours  |  64KB Stereo  |  Id3 Tagged
JUZ01 - JUZ08.ZIP 143.0MB
JUZ09 - JUZ17.ZIP 162.0MB
JUZ18 - JUZ24.ZIP 130.0MB
JUZ25 - JUZ30.ZIP 116.0MB
iPod & Mobile. Download complete Quran by Surah. Id3 Tagged for your iPod and other mobile devices.
20hours  |  64KB Stereo  |  Id3 Tagged
DOWNLOAD SURAH 031.mp3    SURAH 095.mp3
Surah001 - 008.ZIP 164.0MB
Surah009 - 025.ZIP 164.0MB
Surah026 - 050.ZIP 144.0MB
Surah051 - 114.ZIP 78.0MB
MP3 CD. Would like to make a MP3 CD for your DVD-Player or Mp3 player ? Download files by Juz and download the template file from here. Copy the the mp3 files into audio folder and burn it on the CD.
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